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Alexis de Tocqueville said in his commentary on the American political experiment that "the more government takes the place of associations, the more will individuals lose the idea of forming associations and need the government to come to their help. That is a vicious circle of cause and effect." Trinity Classical Academy aims to empower parents to embrace their 4th commandment authority and reclaim their children's education. TCA graciously asks you to consider financially partnering with us in order to help build an institution that not only teaches Christian virtue but also confesses that Jesus Christ, our risen Lord, is the fount from which all truth, goodness, and beauty flows. With your donation, TCA can fight on behalf of children to change the destructive educational tide in this country and bring students, teachers, and families to a greater understanding of their restored humanity through Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Trinity Classical Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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