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At Trinity Classical Academy, we are proud to offer Christian classical education to South Hampton Roads.

Trinity Classical Academy is a non-sectarian Christian classical school located in South Hampton Roads. TCA provides a four day per week hybrid model of education that offers tutoring and instruction to families seeking Christian classical academics and enrichment for their children. TCA provides families with a rigorous Christ-centered classical education which intentionally integrates the Trinity’s redemptive work and created order into all academic endeavors, allowing the entire school community to better understand our new identity through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Our content-rich curriculum emphasizes the Judeo-Christian virtues and Greco-Roman traditions which form the western tradition, and inspires us to seek an answer to Tertullian’s famous question: “What then, has Athens to do with Jerusalem?”. Through a focus on our western heritage, the culture and learning environment at TCA cultivate an understanding of citizenship that is a result of the freedom we have in Christ. It is through this freedom that one does what he ought to do as a citizen blessed with the responsibility of self-governance.

TCA employs classical pedagogy based on both the trivium and quadrivium utilized in the medieval university system as well as the essential areas of music and gymnastics found in Plato’s Academy. Ultimately, we affirm that theology is the “queen of the sciences'', and as such, is the umbrella under which Christian classical education falls. Theology is at the forefront of all we do at TCA, and philosophy is her handmaiden. The faculty and staff seek to create an environment where students and parents alike come to better align their lives to God’s will and affections. Through this alignment, one comes to practice the virtue paramount to our restored humanity.

TCA will operate as a five day per week school for the 2025-2026 school year. Currently, we are growing relationships with fellow community members and actively looking for families and motivated individuals who would like to join us as we pursue our dream of providing Christian classical education to South Hampton Roads. Trinity Classical Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Thomas L. Harner

President and Founder

Our Faculty and Instructors

Mrs. Ashley Harner

Curriculum Director of Latin Studies & Humanities, Instructor

Mrs. Danielle Adams

Curriculum Director of Mathematics & Natural Philosophy, Instructor

Blue Gold Elegant Clean Badge University
Mrs. Carin Harner

Literacy Specialist & Curriculum Advisor 

Mr. Thomas Harner

President and Founder

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