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What is Christian classical education?

Trivium. Narration. Quadrivium. Progymnasmata. Catechesis. Paideia. Plato. Boethius. Doug Wilson. C.S. Lewis. Marva Collins. This a short list of the many terms and names one might encounter exploring the world of Christian classical education. At TCA, we do not believe that there is an elevator sales pitch that explains this system of education. Rather, we know that through it, students, parents, and teachers alike come to better understand what it means to become fully human through the redeeming work of The Holy Trinity. Below is a list of recommended reading that TCA has used to shape our vision of education. We encourage you to immerse yourself in these works as you determine if this model of education is right for you and your family. We look forward to an open and edifying dialogue with you about what we believe is the best pedagogical approach to grow both wisdom and virtue in young people.

  • A Classical Guide to Narration - Jason Barney

  • A Defense of Latin & Classical Education - Cheryl Lowe

  • Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty - Stephen R. Turley

  • Battle for the American Mind - Pete Hegseth with David Goodwin

  • Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America - Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Andrew Kern

  • Classical Me, Classical Thee - Rebekah Merkle

  • On Christian Teaching - St. Augustine

  • Serpents in the Classroom - Thomas Korcok

  • The Abolition of Man - C.S. Lewis

  • The Case for Classical Christian Education - Douglas Wilson

  • The Lost Tools of Learning - Dorothy Sayers

  • The Republic - Plato

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